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My work explores landscape through painting and woodcut, building sculptural elements into traditionally quiet surfaces. I use dried plants, taxidermy, impasto, and 3D-printed bioplastic. My current work focuses on invasive species and revealing invisible environmental changes, such as temperature fluctuations.

My work explores the complexity of human impact on nature and seeks to psychologically prepare us for the altered landscape of the future. Environmental painting has a tendency toward disengaging clichés – the fetishised fantasy of a post-apocalyptic world. My practice seeks to build prophetic imagery that maintains a sense of reality and a sense of the future’s proximity to our present moment.

Landscape and still life painting is heavy with expectation. The viewer expects to encounter picturesque and easy to digest imagery. I enjoy playing against this expectation, by using beauty as a lure. Like a moth to a flame, the viewer is attracted to the image, but on closer inspection the work reveals new and unexpected facets. It is curious that the landscape tradition is not seen as topical, though the most important question of our time is our attitude toward nature. I am in search of a new kind of language of landscape paintings and it’s relationship with the viewer.

[b.1991] in Korso. I live and work in HEL.



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Laura Lowe née Heinonen
Arla Sauna Studios, HEL
lauralowestudio [at]
+358 40 565 1520


For inquiries relating to the Factum Foundation Alvar Aalto Siilo project in Oulu,
please contact me at: 

laura.heinonen [at]

040 565 1520