A U T U M N  O N  L A K E  P Y H Ä V E S I

“ I am waiting for the moment on Lake Pyhävesi. The moment when you can feel the season changing. The moment when the leaves start dancing through the air on a sudden gust of autumnal wind. The moment when everything is still and the lake is a perfect mirror. The moment when the lake is on fire with red, and orange and yellow, the sway of the branches like flames. The moment when the leaves float suspended upon on the water, before the yellow sinks into the depths of the black. Moment after moment autumn is on Lake Pyhävesi“

F R O Z E N  R E E D S  &  O T H E R   P A I N T I N G S

“ Sometime in late October, at the start of an early winter. I am out walking in Nuuksio national park, when my eyes are drawn in by something strange: vivid colour amongst the frost. It’s the sight of summer. Fresh, green lily pads floating on the lake’s surface. As I move closer, I realise that the moment has been frozen over, perfectly captured under a thin layer of embroidery-like ice. Sleeping, waiting for summer to come again, as if decay were mere illusion. Nature attempting to capture eternity, I attempting to capture it. ”